Information Provided Under Japan’s Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

The information on this page is provided in accordance with the requirements outlined in Article 11 (Advertisements of Mail Order Sales) of Japan's Act on Specified Commercial Transactions.

Name of Distributor

Anaori Carbon Co., Ltd.

6-20, Hatakedacho, Ibaraki

Osaka 567-0028


Tel: 0726-31-4550 (Please make sure to dial correctly when contacting us. If you have an account, please send any inquiries regarding the use of Anaori Carbon Co., Ltd. via the Contact Us page. We do not accept inquiries sent by mail. Please provide your account or order information, including your e-mail address, the order ID, shipping ID and/or your phone number (if registered to your account) to identify your account and/or order at issue when you contact us.)

Person in Charge

Yasuhisa Shioi



Learn more about product pricing here.

(Items that are subject to the resale system in Japan (saihan) are sold at fixed prices.)

Shipping and Handling Fees:

(1) Orders shipped within Japan:

Learn more about shipping fee here.

(2) Orders shipped outside Japan:

Learn more about overseas shipping and handling fees here.

Consumption Tax

Consumption tax will only be charged to customers residing in Japan. We charge consumption tax for all goods and services purchased by Japan based customers on Anaori Carbon Co., Ltd.  Learn more about consumption tax here.

Liability for Refunds

Anaori Carbon Co., Ltd. is not liable for paying interest on refunds.

Delivery Period

Learn more about availability estimate definitions here, and general shipping information here.

Learn more about delivery periods for items requiring special handling here.

Payment Methods

Learn more about payment methods here.

Payment Period

Learn more about when the timing of payment for credit cards here.

Limitations to Purchase Quantity and Purchase Conditions

Some items sold in Anaori Carbon Co., Ltd.  are subject to a limitation on purchase quantity. Generally, if the limitation is not specifically mentioned there will not be a quantity limitation to purchase. However, there may be cases where we may impose such a limitation due to order and transporting situations.

Last updated: 2022/11/1