Grill | Beefsteak

Grill | Beefsteak

1. Turn the outer lid upside down and put on medium to strong heat.

2. Bring the beefsteak to normal temperature, and place it diagonally on the grill pan.

3. Once the surface is sear, turn the steak upside down and grill to your taste.

With conventional methods, grilled beefsteak is brown to beige on the surface, pink in the flesh and red in the core. With the kakugama, the flesh is uniformly pink. This is because with the kakugama, the core is cooked rapidly so that the difference in temperature between the surface and the core is minimized, whereas with conventional methods, slow heat transfer creates a time lag between the surface and the core of the steak. This steak is rare but perfectly cooked to the core, with minimal shrinking of the flesh.

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