The material used in ANAORI cooking tools is still not a widely familiar substance. So, what exactly is "carbon graphite"? This time, we'll provide a detailed introduction to the material.

First of all, "carbon" refers to the element with the chemical symbol C. Carbon is the 14th most abundant element on Earth and is found primarily as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, in various forms within the Earth's crust, such as rocks, coal, and petroleum, and as organic matter within living organisms.

High-purity carbon, known as graphite, is created by subjecting carbon to high temperatures of around 3,000°C in an oxygen-free environment through a process called heat treatment or graphitization. Graphite produced through this high-temperature treatment is referred to as "synthetic graphite" when made by human hands. Whether natural or synthetic, applying further heat and immense pressure to graphite can transform it into diamonds. Carbon purity levels vary, with wood charcoal at 60%, graphite at 99.95%, and diamonds being almost 100%.

Commonly known products made from carbon graphite include pencil leads, heaters, toasters, pantographs for bullet trains, and brake pads for airplanes and Formula One cars.

【Characteristics of Carbon Graphite】


  • High Far infrared 
  • Excellent Thermal Conductivity, Heat Retention, and Heat Resistance
  • Strong and Lightweight
    *Carbon is a very lightweight material, about 1/4 the density of iron, and it is approximately 10 times as strong.
  • Thermal Shock Resistance, Conductivity, and Chemical Resistanc


Leveraging the properties of carbon graphite, it finds a wide range of applications from the aerospace industry to industrial products, sports, and leisure, even to everyday life. Additionally, due to its biocompatibility, carbon is used in regenerative medicine, such as artificial joints made from carbon, and it is expected to play a role as a biomaterial needed in regenerative medicine in the future. In various fields, carbon, capable of practical application, is gaining attention as a cutting-edge material that can replace metals.

ANAORI's carbon cooking tools were born from the desire to introduce the versatility of carbon graphite into people's daily lives. By combining high-performance materials with our advanced state-of-the-art technology and craftsmanship developed over the years, we have created unique cooking tools.

The carbon used in ANAORI cooking tools is not made from fibers but is crafted from high-pressure compressed blocks of carbon powder. Each piece is meticulously carved and shaped rather than being melted and solidified. The precision of the machining technology, accurate down to 0.01mm, and the perfect fit between the lid and the body are the result of our advanced technology and master craftsmanship.

The naturality of carbon graphite makes it possible to cook with minimal stress, enhancing the taste while preserving the nutritional benefits of each ingredient. 

Carbon cooking brings to your kitchen a healthier way of being, but also taking  into account the taste of each ingredient with an environmental impact.


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