What is carbon graphite?

Pure carbon (charcoal) with high purity of 99.9%.
For example, charcoal (backed at 400-700°C) → binchotan charcoal (backed at 1300°C) → carbon graphite, carbon purity goes up. (*The raw material of this product is not wood)


Carbon materials are inherently strong but fragile.
The carbon used in rackets and airplanes is a "reinforced plastic" made by hardening fibrous carbon (CF) with resin, so it is lightweight and strong. Carbon graphite is a pure carbon body that has been fired, so it may crack or break if dropped or hit. Please handle products with the same care as ceramics and porcelain

Heat Sources

The product can be used on induction heat, gas, and the oven. However, some extremely temperature sensitive induction stoves may display an error and automatically turn off.

Carbon graphite absorbs microwaves, preventing the heat from reaching the center, therefore the product cannot be used in a microwave.

* kakugama and ANAORI Collections are not electrical products.

Products capacity

kakugama 3.4ℓ is recommended for 4 people, while 5.1ℓ can serve about 6 to 8 people.

> Soup: 5.1ℓ size is about 24 cups and 3.4ℓ size is about 15 cups. (standard soup bowl 150 ml)

> Rice: 3.4ℓ size → 5 rice cups (900ml)/5.1ℓ size → 7 rice cups (1260ml)
※Japanese Rice Measuring Cup (1 Gou Cup) = 180ml = 150g

ANAORI Collections recommended amount for cooking rice:
・OVAL: 4 rice cups (720ml)
・VOL.: 3 rice cups (540ml)
・RINGO: 1 rice cups (180ml)

What comes with kakugama?

Main body, inner lid made of Hinoki (Japanese cypress) and the outer lid which also can be used as a grill pan.

Can it be used for waterless cooking?

For ingredients with natural moisture like tomatoes, or by adding a small amount of water, near-waterless cooking is possible. However, ingredients with low natural moisture like potatoes and yams could potentially stick to the bottom and burn. Please exercise caution.


Its thermal conductivity is about 10 times that of stainless steel, about 3 times that of iron, and about the same as aluminum.
Excellent thermal conductivity among IH compatible materials.

What are the far-infrared effect?

When receiving far-infrared rays, the surface is first warmed, and then heated by resonance with water molecules. Sunlight has the same effect, even at the same temperature, what makes it feel warmer in the sun than in the shade is the effect of infrared rays.Charcoal grilling and pizza ovens are familiar cooking methods that use the far-infrared effect.

How long does the coating last?

It depends on frequency of use and usage, but usually lasts around 3 years. Be careful to avoid dry burning.

If the surface coat peels off and is eaten, does it have any effect on the human body? How about the carbon?

It has no adverse effects on the human body and complies with the food sanitation act of Japan and the United States.

ANAORI products are made of pure carbon it has no harm on the human body.

What is the stain on the wooden lid?

This is resin from natural Japanese cypress, which is harmless and can be wiped off with alcohol.After spraying the alcohol, let the alcohol seep into the wood, wiping it with a suitable cloth, and so on several times. Then, allow the wooden cover to dry completely before using it.

When to use the Wooden lid?

The fragrance of the Japanese cypress wood will be transferred to the ingredients, so you can use it according to your personal preference.
Some chefs like to use when cooking rice to add a special aroma to it.

How to soften the wooden lid fragrance?

Soaking it in hot water for a few minutes can soften the fragrance.

Cleaning and Care

How to clean?

After use, please use a neutral cleanser and a soft sponge to clean the product, then dry thoroughly. Please do not use any abrasive agents like bleach, thinner or iron wool when cleaning as it can scratch or damage the ceramic coating and the carbon.

It can be washed in a dishwasher, but do not use abrasive cleaners as they will damage the coating.

Wooden lid: how to clean or store it?

Wash with water (hot water), and if the dirt cannot be removed, use a neutral detergent.

Dry the wooden lid well before storing, otherwise it may cause mold or stains.
The wooden lid will darken partially with years of use. It is recommended that you can choose whether to use a wooden lid according to your cooking needs.

Cooking tools

Wood, heat resistant silicone or nylon spatulas and tongs are recommended for use with the product. Metal tools may compromise the ceramic coating or damage the carbon so they are not recommended.

Precautions to be taken when cooking

When heating up, even the lid gets hot, so be careful to not get burned. The heat is still stored for a while after turning off the heat, so don't touch the pot directly. Wear mittens when moving it. Adjust the heat if it boils over.


Payment methods

Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay and most Credit Cards are accepted.


Yes, you can check the part pages below.
kakugama parts
ANAORI Collections parts

Is there discounts for bulk orders?

Please contact us for more information.

When will my order be shipped?

If it is in stock, it will be shipped within 2 weeks. In case it's out of stock, it will be shipped in about 2 months.

*Precise delivery time will be notified separately

Your order will be shipped by DHL,Fedex or UPS. We will notify you the tracking number by email so you can also track the status of shipment.

How much is the shipping fee and other tariffs?

Shipping and taxes will be borne by customers.
For overseas orders, duties and import taxes will be collected by local customs when shipments arrive in the country.
Please confirm the local customs for the tax rate of items that fall under HS code 6912.00. (reference link)

Return & Exchange Policy

As a general rule, we do not accept returns requests due to customer's personal reasons. The only acceptable reasons are product damaged or mistaken.

If there is a defective product, wrong delivery, damage during transportation, etc., please fill in the necessary information below and contact within 5 days of receiving the product.

・Customer name:
・Order number:
・Defective/wrongly sent/insufficient product name:
・Defective part/condition:
・Defective part photo (If possible, please send us a photo of the defective part (up to 1MB))

As soon as we receive your message, we will inform you about the exchange procedure.
However, we cannot accept returns or exchanges in the following cases.

>Products more than 5 days after delivery
>Products used by customers >Returns or exchanges due to customer convenience

*In the case of transport damage, please contact us as soon as possible after opening the package.
If you can attach an image of the outer box and packing condition, it will be possible to check it more quickly, so we may be able to respond sooner than usual.

Can it be repaired if it cracks or chip?

Cracks and chips cannot be repaired. It is the same as ceramics or glasses that cannot be returned to its original state.
You can purchase each part separately.
kakugama parts
ANAORI Collections parts

Can it be recoated?

Ceramic coatings can be repaired.

Coating Repair:
・Repair Cost: Repair cost list
・Estimated repair period: 2 to 3 months.

*<kakugama only> Ceramic coating repairs are available free of charge for one year after purchase.
*Please note that the customer will be responsible for shipping charges, customs duties, and other costs incurred when sending the product, even if it is within the warranty period.
*Please let us know if you would like a replacement within the repair period.
*As all the coatings are removed, the surface will becomes a little rough.


There is no compensation for damages during use, but only kakugama can receive coating repair service free of charge for one year.
(The freight and related costs will be borne by the buyer.)

Coating Repair:
・Repair cost: Repair cost list
・Estimated repair period: 2 to 3 months.

*Please note that the customer will be responsible for shipping charges, customs duties, and other costs incurred when sending the product, even if it is within the warranty period.
*Please let us know if you would like a replacement within the repair period.

User's Manual kakugama

For more information on the use and daily maintanance, plase download the user's manual below.


User's Manual Collections

For more information on the use and daily maintanance, plase download the user's manual below.


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