ANAORI kakugama

An unprecedented multifunctional cooking tool made of a single block of carbon graphite.

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ANAORI kakugama is a modern-take on Japanese traditional design combined with high-performance material Carbon Graphite to create a multi-functional cooking tool. The naturality of carbon graphite allows for minimal-stress cooking that hightens the pureness of taste while preserving the nutritional benefits of each ingredient. Rediscover delicious by incorporating kakugama into your healthy lifestyle without any sacrifices in taste and environmental impact.

ANAORI kakugama

  • 1. ︎ Carbon graphite cooking 

  • 2. Far infrared, thermal conductivity

  • 3. Heat retention

  • 4. ︎Micro-bubbles

  • 5. Safe and Secure

A healthier way of being

Carbon graphite is safe to both the human body and the global environment, and provides a healthy and eco-friendly option for cooking.
The ceramic coating is made of natural materials.

︎Revealing the umami of each ingredient

Thanks to the far-infrared emitted by carbon graphite, the ingredients are cooked quickly with minimal damage, thus concentrating the flavor. It reduces the time it takes to heat up, creating a crisp texture and flavor while preserving the beauty of the ingredients.

In addition, the excellent thermal conductivity of carbon graphite allows it to transfer heat quickly to the entire pot, making it possible to heat uniformly.

High heat retention, an energy saving cooking tool

The cubic shape of the kakugama retains heat on all four edges and maintains a uniform temperature even when the kakugama is removed from the heat source. This fitting design creates an excellent seal and maintains the pot’s internal temperature and humidity, allowing for heating with residual heat. The kakugama keeps heat for about 1 hour out of a heating source.

Preserving the essence and the shape of each ingredient

Carbon graphite contains countless small cavities which create micro-bubbles. Added to the continuous convection created by the imo-gata (rounded bottom) shape of kakugama, the micro-bubbles envelop the ingredients and gently heat them. As a result, it preserves the essence and the shape of each ingredient.

Compatible to all heat sources

The kakugama can be used on every heat source, induction heat, gas, oven, except in a microwave. The product is resistant to thermal shocks and is not damaged or deformed by rapid cooling or heating.

A three-part structure that draws on the wisdom of Japanese cuisine

The kakugama has an outer lid and an inner lid. While the outer lid made from carbon graphite efficiently seals in moisture and heat, the inner lid made of Japanese cypress perfectly stabilizes moisture during cooking.

ANAORI kakugama

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The unique combination of tradition and innovation in kakugama has been grabbing the attention of chefs around the world. 5 renowned international chefs embraced ANAORI philosophy as Ambassador chefs. Discover more about Thierry Marx, Enrico Crippa, Virgilio Martinez, André Chiang and Toru Okuda.

Ambassador Chef

Enrico Crippa

Piazza Duomo, Italy
Ambassador Chef

Andre Chiang

Chef at RAW located in Taiwan
Ambassador Chef

Virgilio Martinez

Central Restaurant, Peru
Ambassador Chef

Toru Okuda

Ginza Kojyu, Japan
Ambassador Chef

Thiery Marx

Sur Mesure par Thierry Marx, France

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Naturality Tour 2021 24 chefs from 24 cities partening with ANAORI

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