Pure rice vinegar Premium is the best vinegar that offers the extraordinarily rich flavor made by traditional brewing method with pesticide-free rice.

The Miraculous Flavor

On the eastern side of the Amanohashidate peninsula, overlooking the tranquil Kurita Bay, lies Iio Jozo on the beach. Founded in the 26th year of the Meiji era, the first generation, Iio Chozo, embarked on vinegar brewing with the desire to create the best vinegar in Japan, akin to Mount Fuji. For over 130 years since its inception, Iio Jozo has persisted in adhering to the traditional Japanese method, using only rice and water to craft this miraculous vinegar known as Fuji Vinegar.

Inheritance of Tradition

Every winter, the toji (master brewer) begins with koji making, followed by the meticulous process of creating sake kasu (lees), and then proceeds to the 100-day overnight work of crafting the vinegar base. The traditional method involves a slow and static fermentation, allowing only the upper surface of the vinegar base to undergo acetic acid fermentation. Although this fermentation process takes a full 100 days, in contrast to the rapid brewing method employed by many producers (lasting from 8 hours to a few days), it ensures that amino acids are retained. The result is an exceptionally smooth, richly flavored vinegar with a deep and mellow taste.

Commitment to Nature

In the 1930s, during the Showa era, the third-generation Terunosuke observed the disappearance of living creatures from the rice fields due to highly toxic pesticides like DDT. Witnessing this, he felt, "It's not right to make vinegar from such rice," and earnestly approached local farmers in Miyazu, asking, "Can you grow rice without using pesticides?" Although considered an unconventional request at the time, gradually, there were those who understood his plea. However, there was also resistance from nearby farmers.

In 1964, a groundbreaking venture into vinegar production using pesticide-free rice began. Despite initial opposition, this marked the start of a revolutionary approach. From 2002, the company initiated rice cultivation in its own terraced fields, and to this day, over 100 customers participate annually in rice planting and harvesting through online sales. This ensures the preservation of the picturesque terraced landscape.

Pursuit of deliciousness

In this way, Pure rice vinegar premium is crafted using the pristine waters of Tango and rice cultivated without pesticides. For every liter of vinegar, Pure rice vinegar Fujisu uses a generous 200g of rice, while Pure rice vinegar premium goes even further with 320g (eight times the requirement of 40g set by JAS standards). This lavish use of rice results in a vinegar rich with the full flavor of rice. While typical rice vinegar is composed of 99% acetic acid, Pure rice vinegar premium boasts 86% acetic acid, along with gentle acids like lactic acid, citric acid, and malic acid. This abundance of mild acids contributes to its smooth richness, captivating the palates of many.

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    Iio-Jozo is a vinegar brewery founded in 1893, where is based in Miyazu, Kyoto Prefecture. The vinegar manufacturing process dates back 130 years.

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