During the campaign period, we have prepared three benefits for customers who purchase the soon-to-be-released ANAORI Collections "RINGO" at the ANAORI Official Online Store.

Give your caring mother a gift she deserves by choosing ANAORI.

【Campaign Overview】

Target audience:
All customers who have purchased the ANAORI Collections "RINGO"

Campaign period:
From 9:00 am on Saturday, April 29, 2023 (Japan Standard Time) 〜 9:00 am on Sunday, May 14, 2023 (Japan Standard Time)

Three benefits:
1. Recipe of baked cakes for RINGO
2. A cercle
3. ANAORI Original Tote Bag for RINGO

As ANAORI Collections will begin shipping on May 8th, there may be cases where we cannot deliver your items by May 14th. We kindly ask for your understanding regarding this matter.


Usage of the cercle:

It is a special mold, which is made of silicone, used with RINGO when baking cakes, etc., to increase the height by placing it between the lid and the main body. It can also be used as a pot holder for RINGO.
Please do not use it for any other purposes.

>> Discover Ringo here.

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