Poussin a l’estragon, Raisin blanc et sauce verjus

Poussin a l’estragon, Raisin blanc et sauce verjus

The effects of kakugama that Chef André Chiang perceives

"Breathable cookware” keep the meat juicy & consistent and gentle heat.

Chef André Chiang believes in bringing out the natural flavors of the ingredients to the maximum extent possible. The chef continues to fascinate many gourmets through his unique world view, which is not influenced by fads and trends.

The recipe this time is a chicken dish that is perfect for the season.
Chicken is a good source of protein and is rich in B vitamins. Hot weather is also the perfect time to consume hot food, as it stimulates gastrointestinal activity and sweating, which helps reduce the body temperature.

Give this recipe from a Michelin two-star restaurant that takes advantage of kakugama’s heat retention and heat storage properties a try.

 Ingredients for 4 servings

Shallot 5g
Onion 5g
Fennel 20g
Baby chicken 1 piece
Thyme 1 sprig
White wine 250ml
Verjus (optional) 150ml
Chicken stock 500ml
Green grape 10 pieces
Tarragon fresh 1 sprig
Cornstarch 2g
Butter 50g
Black truffle (optional) 5g
Herb salad (optional)



1.Sauté minced shallot, chopped onion and fennel in the kagugama
with 1 tsp of olive oil (without coloration)

2.Deglazed with white wine, reduce to half in mid heat

3.Place the whole chicken, Thyme and Green grape and pour in
chicken stock and verjus

4.Cover the wooden lid and simmer for 1 hour with low heat (turn the
chicken and nape the stock over chicken constantly)

5.Thicken the sauce with cornstarch lightly and add in butter, salt
pepper and fresh tarragon chopped

6.Before serving garnished with sliced black truffle and mix herb salad

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