Introduction of ANAORI ambassador chefs 2023

Introduction of ANAORI ambassador chefs 2023

Chef Eiji Taniguchi has joined the ranks of ANAORI Ambassador Chefs as of 2023. 

During his exploration of the benefits of kakugama, including slow heating, high airtightness, and aroma encapsulation, he utilized its functionality to showcase authentic local cuisine using ingredients sourced from Toyama, in Japan during the 2021 Naturality Tour by ANAORI. 

The chef continues to embody the richness and potential of Toyama's ingredients while engaging with nature on a daily basis through the kakugama at his secluded auberge in Toyama. 

We will be sharing new discoveries and updates about our exciting projects this year.
Stay tuned for more!


                                              Eiji Taniguchi
                                              Cuisine régionale L'évo / Japan

French cuisine meets the terroir of Toyama. Born into a family of cooks, Eiji Taniguchi aspired to be a chef and trained in French restaurants. In Toyama, he realized the rich potential of the region’s ingredients. In 2020, l’évo relocated and opened as an auberge in Toga village, Nanto city, Toyama. The kakugama resonates with the chef’s constant attention on slow heating techniques.

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