Introduction of ANAORI ambassador chefs

Introduction of ANAORI ambassador chefs

As ambassadors, they will represent ANAORI in major events, lead you to new discoveries and inspire you with innovative projects. The chefs will present seasonal recipes - made with ANAORI kakugama - on our official website and social networks. Stay tuned for more!

Thierry Marx
Sur Mesure par Thierry Marx / France

Trained by famous chefs such as Joël Robuchon and Alain Chapel, he is currently the head chef of the two-star restaurant “Sur Mesure par Thierry Marx” (Mandarin Oriental, Paris), where he elaborates a creative and innovative cuisine based on the inspiration he draws from all the places he visits, both in France and abroad. He is also actively involved in social activities through cooking.

Enrico Crippa
Piazza Duomo / Italy

After working with renowned European chefs, he spent three years in Japan, where he was impressed by the spirit of Japanese cuisine. His cuisine is based on a fine balance of sensibility, culture, techniques and analysis. The kakugama reflected his light, savory and delicate cuisine.

Virgilio Martinez
Central Restaurante / Peru

A key figure in popularizing Peruvian cuisine around the world. He explored all aspects of the outside world to forge his own philosophy and cooking style, and founded the NPO “Mater Iniciativa” to research the concept of gastronomy based on the unique identity of the indigenous Peruvian people.

André Chiang
RAW / Taiwan

His creative reinterpretations of French culinary traditions have made him a world-renowned figure. His creations, which transform seasonal ingredients into modern art, are based on a culinary philosophy of eight principles in pursuit of the memory of human taste. With the kakugama, he merges Chinese, French, and Japanese cuisines.

Toru Okuda
Ginza Kojyu / Japan

Chef of modern kaiseki cuisine, he was trained in Shizuoka, Kyoto and Tokushima before becoming independent. After further refining his traditional skills and his keen sense of seasonality, he opened Ginza Kojyu in 2003, where he developed his own unique world. He mastered the strengths of the kakugama, which he applied to various types of cooking. He rated ANAORI kakugama to be the best, especially for cooking rice.

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