Ambassador Chef Interview |  Virgilio Martinez, Peru

Ambassador Chef Interview | Virgilio Martinez, Peru

A key figure in popularizing Peruvian cuisine around the world, Virgilio Martinez is the chef of Central Restaurante in Peru.
Last year’s Naturality Tour by ANAORI showcased the unique and natural richness of Peruvian ingredients and the incredible cuisine that draws on the diversity of the kakugama. The chef was also surprised by the kakugama’s potential, high functionality, heat retention, and beautiful design.
We asked him three questions about the kakugama.
ANAORI: According to your professional experience, what are the differences between ANAORI Kakugama and other cooking tools ?

Virgilio Martinez: I love the way that the kakugama retains the heat. It retains it in a way that is consistent, for a long period.


ANAORI: How does kakugama contribute to your cooking?

Virgilio Martinez: So this kakugama is such an amazing tool for us, not only for cooking but for creativity. And it’s also proving to ourselves that we need new technologies for some more versatility in our cooking. And also for our mindset, as cooks.

ANAORI: The kakugama is a cooking tool that offers a whole new perspective, both traditional and innovative to bring out the flavors and nutritional values of ingredients, to get back to basics. In recent years, several cooking methods have been invented in the culinary world, focusing more on efficiency, precision and advanced technology, i.e the value of steam cooking, vacuum, molecular. Some chefs think that this evolution is a good thing, others think that it should remain classic and simpler, what do you think?

Virgilio Martinez: This idea of searching for tradition, and innovation, the same happens when you go for simplicity and complexity. This level of simplicity is very difficult to achieve because there is nothing to be hidden. When you go for complexity, maybe you have too many things. So as an answer to this, I just need to find the proper time and place where I can use these tools in order to achieve something great. That’s it. 


Virgilio Martinez

Central Restaurante | Peru 

A key figure in popularizing Peruvian cuisine around the world. He explored all aspects of the outside world to forge his own philosophy and cooking style, and founded the NPO “Mater Iniciativa” to research the concept of gastronomy based on the unique identity of the indigenous Peruvian people.

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