Ingredients (2-3 servings)

Approx. 300 g beef
(sukiyaki slices)
1/2 block grilled tofu
1 stalk Japanese leek
4 shitake mushrooms
1 bunch Japanese
chrysanthemum leaves
Beef lard
2-3 eggs

(seasoning sauce)
50 ml sake
50 ml mirin
2 tablespoons sugar
50 ml soy sauce
50 ml kelp broth


1. Cut grilled tofu into medium size squares. Slice leek diagonally and
chop chrysanthemum leaves.

2. Put all ingredients of the seasoning sauce in a pan and bring to a boil.

3. Heat the carbon grill on medium heat and melt beef lard. Cook a few slices of beef quickly while adjusting the heat. Pour in some of the seasoning sauce and cover meat. Crack and mix a raw egg in a dish, and eat the meat after dipping in the egg.

4. Put the grilled tofu, leek slices and shitake mushrooms in the carbon grill. Pour in more seasoning sauce and bring to a boil. Add the remaining beef and chrysanthemum leaves and simmer quickly. Eat when the ingredients are ready.


Enjoy the fragrance and savory flavor of beef that has been cooked briskly on the carbon grill. First, luxuriously enjoy just the beef and then enjoy the vegetables that have been cooked with meat drippings.

*Adjust the amount of seasoning sauce according to your taste.

Seiichi Horio 


After serving as chef at a French restaurant, Seiichi Horio established HORIO COOKING
FACTORY in 1993. Horio teaches cooking
classes in many regions in addition to having
diverse roles such as menu development for
the dining industry or food coordination for
media and advertising.

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