Scallops with Jungle Aromatics

Scallops with Jungle Aromatics

Chef Comment

1)Benefit of using Kakugama:
It’s very handy, very easy to handle and the material makes the pot amazing when you cook, the heat is always in the same places, you get this feeling that any of the sides heat more than the other one so there is no risk when you put something and you want to cook it properly.

2) Difference between kakugama and the other cooking tools:
One of the main differences is the esthetic, one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, you can place it anywhere in your kitchen, dining room, table and it just look beautiful, very minimalistic but in a good way.

3) New discoveries and surprises with using kakugama:
I’ve never been able to cook many different preparations in a pot, I never imagined that I could do so many things with a pot like baking a bread, cooking with the clay I use to cook the potatoes in the ground and being able to prepare it in the same pot, grill, steam at the same time while I’m using the hot griddle and also I’m surprise that is very easy to keep the food warm while you do other things in the kitchen and is still warm when you move it from the kitchen to the dining room.


Scallops 6 pcs
Dehydrated Pacu 300g
Dehydrated Palo Santo 50g
Infusion of A Herbs 1L
Paico 70g + 3 stalks for scallops
Muña 70g
Lemongrass 70g
Chincho 25g
Sacha Culantro 15g
Salt from Pilluana 20g



Dehydrated Pacu:
  1. Divide the Pacu into the Fillets, heads and carcasse
  2. Cover in a mixture of salt and sugar and leave to cure overnight
  3. Once cures, wash off mixture and leave it in the dehydrator until dry
Dehydrated Palo Santo:
  1. Cut Palo Santo into 2cm x 4cm pieces
  2. Leave in Dehydrator until dry
  3. Burn Palo Santo 
Infusion of Andean herbs:
  1. Wash herbs, break stems of lemongrass
  2. Bring water to a boil
  3. Place herbs and water then leave to simmer for 30 minutes or until  water is infused
  4. Strain and save the liquid
Final Dish:
  1. Heat up kakugama on low heat
  2. Place Burnt Palo Santo, Dehydrated Pacu, Chincho, Sacha Culantro and salt from Pilluana into the Kakugama
  3. Once warm, pour over the infusion of herbs until simmering
  4. Once simmered remove from the heat
  5. Using the Paico stem, pierce scallops and leave it
  6. Cook the scallops with the Paico stems in the kakaguma for 6 minutes
  7. Take scallops and paico stem out, then plate
  8. Serve

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