Pork and cabbage

Pork and cabbage

Advantage of the kakugama

ANAORI kakugama is a tool that really maintains pot tempereture very well as well as an impressive ease of cooking.

 Ingredients for 4 servings:

Pork belly n.500 gr

Red cabbage n.1

Butter 100 gr  ( actually it is not used for all )


Muscovado sugar

Apple n.2 (cut into wedges)

Apple peel n.2 

Orange peel n.2


Pork stock 60 gr 

Freeze-dried raspberry powder

Bouquet of spicy herbs and flowers n.4



1.Wash and clean the red cabbage. Peel the cabbage after boiling and  remove the middle part of the leaves.
Cook the cabbage leaves in the kakugama with a knob of butter, salt and a pinch of sugar on medium heat.

2.Then adding 2 sliced apples, 2 pieces of  apple peel, 2 pieces of orange peels and cinnamon in the kakugama with the inner lid over medium heat.

3.Adding a little water, and evaporate the cooking water and glaze the red cabbage leaves with the reduced liquid without the inner lid.

4.Slice the pork belly into 2 cm thick slices. Grill the pork slices with the kakugama’s grill pan on high heat.

5.Place the grilled pork belly slices with (pork) stock on the plate and arrange the cabbage leaves  glazed with the cooking water on top. Further polish the red cabbage leaves with the remaining cooking water, decorate the dish with raspberry powder and garnish with bouquets of spicy helrbs and flowers.

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