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ANAORI Collections DISC

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An evolved model combined with  the functions of POT and GRILL

Thank  to the heavy lid, these infra-red waves seal in Umami and  the delicious taste of the ingredients, concentrating the flavor inside of the pot.

Fresh, plump finish are perfect for acqua pazza and hamburgers.

The flat and wide base is easy to use for various cooking, such as  steaks, dumplings and pancakes are cooked plump.



size: φ310mm x 90mm
capacity: 2.6 liters
weight: approx. 3.4kg
maximum temperature: 300°C
compatible heat sources: induction heat/ gas/ oven


material: carbon
coating: ceramic coat

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ANAORI Collections DISC
ANAORI Collections DISC
ANAORI Collections DISC
ANAORI Collections DISC
ANAORI Collections DISC
ANAORI Collections DISC
ANAORI Collections DISC
ANAORI Collections DISC

ANAORI Collections


Heat Sources

It can be used with most of IH cooking heaters and direct heating sources such as gas fires, ovens.
Since the carbon body conducts electricity, you can use the IH cooking heater without embedding a metal plate.
Because it is not combined with different materials, it is one of the reasons for its high thermal conductivity.

What is the capacity of ?

ANAORI Collections recommended amount for cooking rice:

・OVAL: 4 rice cups (720ml)
・VOL.: 3 rice cups (540ml)
・RINGO: 1 rice cups (180ml)

How fragile is the Carbon Cookware?

Carbon materials are inherently strong but fragile.
The carbon used in rackets and airplanes is a "reinforced plastic" made by hardening fibrous carbon (CF) with resin, so it is lightweight and strong. Carbon graphite is a pure carbon body that has been fired, so it may crack or break if dropped or hit.

When will my order be shipped?

If it is in stock, it will be shipped within 2 weeks. In case it's out of stock, it will be shipped in about 2 months.

*Precise delivery time will be notified separately

Your order will be shipped by DHL or Fedex. We will notify you the tracking number by email so you can also track the status of shipment.

How much is the shipping fee and other tariffs?

Shipping and taxes will be borne by customers.
For overseas orders, duties and import taxes will be collected by local customs when shipments arrive in the country.
Please confirm the local customs for the tax rate of items that fall under HS code 6912.00. (reference link)