Octopus and taro simmered in azuki beans

Octopus and taro simmered in azuki beans


The far-infrared effect of the kakugama allows hard ingredients to be cooked plump and tender while minimizing damage to the ingredients.

- Even though the taro may look tough, they are cooked plump and tender although they have not been precooked.

- As for the octopus, although it has been simmered for a long time, it remains plump on the inside and crunchy on the outside.

  • 3 octopus tentacles
  • 4 taro (small potatoes)
  • 50 g azuki beans
  • 1500 cc water
  • 300 cc sake
  • 140 cc dark soy sauce
  • 120 g sugar



1. Remove the sliminess of the octopus with potato starch.

2. Separate and perform Shimofuri on each octopus tentacle.
*Shimofuri: Quickly submerge the octopus in boiling water before cooling it off with ice water.

3. Put the octopus and azuki beans in the kakugama, add water and sake, cover with the wooden lid, and cook over low heat (for about 2 hours).

4. When they become tender, add soy sauce (dark) and sugar to taste, and cook further (for about 30 minutes).

5. Add the taro and simmer over low heat (for about 30 minutes).

6. Cut the octopus and taro and serve on a plate along with the azuki beans. 

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