Caramelized Pear, Prosciutto Deep Fried Spring Rolls

Caramelized Pear, Prosciutto Deep Fried Spring Rolls

The unique techniques achievable specifically with the use of kakugama
When frying with kakugama, the oil temperature remains consistent, making it easy for those who are not skilled at frying to enjoy without feeling pressured.  Noticed this point when making tempura recipes as well; frying with kakugama maintains a crisp texture on the surface even after some time has passed, which is quite surprising.

Ingredients (serves 4 people)
  • Spring roll wrappers - 8-10 sheets
  • Pears - 2 pieces (350g)
  • Granulated sugar - 40-50g (adjust based on the sweetness of the pears)
  • Butter (unsalted) - 20g (cut into 1cm cubes)
  • Prosciutto (Parma ham) - 3-4 slices
  • Sage - About 1 leaf per spring roll
  • Cream cheese - 100g
  • Sake lees (sake kasu) - 50g
  • Salt - as needed
  • Cooking oil for frying - as needed

    *In equal parts, mix wheat flour and water to create a paste for sticking the end of spring rolls


    1. Peel and cut pears into 2-3 cm cubes. In a kakugama, evenly spread about 1/3 of the granulated sugar on the bottom, heat it up, and as the sugar melts, add a little more. Repeat this process until all the sugar has melted. Continue heating until the sugar turns a deep amber color. 

    Once melted completely, remove from heat, add butter, and quickly mix with a rubber spatula. Add the pears, sprinkle lightly with salt, and return to heat. 

    When the surface of the pears becomes translucent, remove from heat, drain excess liquid using a sieve, and let it cool.

    2. Mix sake lees and cream cheese.

    3. Lay out prosciutto on a spring roll wrapper, place a portion of the mixture from step 2, and add the pear mixture. Tear a sage leaf and scatter it on top. Roll the spring roll and seal it with the paste.

    Heat oil in the kakugama to about 180℃ and fry until golden brown.
    *Avoid overcooking to prevent the ingredients from spilling out; quickly fry without prolonged cooking.


    Points for this recipe 

    When caramelizing pears, it's essential not to use tools like spatulas for stirring, as they can cause the temperature to drop. Instead, refrain from using stirring tools to maintain the optimal temperature.

    Apples, among other alternatives like pears, are also recommended in place of pears. Additionally, thyme or finely chopped rosemary can be used as alternatives to sage.

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